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  1. Briar Pen
  2. New Year's Day only
  3. 1 sealed tin of mcclelland anniversary and and the other is over half full.
  4. Special Pipe Auction
  5. a few tins to trade
  6. New Cob Pipe Stuff and More...
  7. Whole tobacco leaf for sale
  8. Mcclellands #27
  9. Cavicchi 3C Sitter
  10. Don Carlos Melos
  11. I have aged tobacco's for sale on eBay...
  12. Still have 1 tin of aged Penzance still for sale on ebay, and comes with a bonus...
  13. WTS: More Pipe & Tobacco Stuff for sale on eBay...
  14. Desperately Seeking Accountants' Mixture!
  15. Some Personal Pipes for Sale
  16. 2002 Stokkebye Luxury Twist Flake for trade
  17. 2 Antique(1870-1900) Meerschaum Pipes Never Smoked
  18. cc 07 for trade
  19. Cheap Pipes
  20. 22 pipes for sale
  21. Philly's Holt's 50% sale on $100+ pipes till IPSD
  22. New Gabrieli Blasted Brandy:
  23. New Gabrieli Straight Grain Freehand:
  24. Tobaccos For Trade
  25. pipes going up on Ebay tonight
  26. Price Reduced On My Volcano!
  27. Tim Hynick Pipes at Auction
  28. Dublin to trade
  29. Tobacco for sale
  30. look for custom corn cob pipe maker
  31. Looking for a Peterson System Standard.
  32. bunch of briar up for swap..
  33. Lots of Pipes and Racks For Sale
  34. Magnetic Pipe Stand for Photography!
  35. Carve Your Own Pipe Kit!
  36. New pipe added to my site
  37. free property listing sites
  38. List Canada MLS