View Full Version : Past Events

  1. The 2009 MAPS Show
  2. NYC Pipe Show 9-12-09
  3. Morley's Philly 9-16-09
  4. 12Dec09 - The 2009 Northeast Regional Pipe Smoking Contest
  5. Gathering in NJ
  6. Sunday November 15th
  7. December meeting of the NJFPS
  8. New Pipe Club in Edgewater, Maryland
  9. Reminder NJFPS meeting thsi Saturday 12/5
  10. Website for NJFPS
  11. Morley's last Wed 16Dec09
  12. Morley's PC Philly Thursday 21Jan
  13. IPSD at JR's Cigars, Whippany NJ 20Feb10
  14. Chicago Pipe Show 2010
  15. Morley's PC, Philly Thurs 18Feb
  16. NY Pipe Show at Newark, 13Mar Sat
  17. Morley's PC Wednesday 14Apr10
  18. Boswell 30th Anni 8May
  19. Morley's PC 21July10
  20. Nashville Area Pipe Smokers
  21. Philly's Morley PC 18Aug10 Wednesday
  22. New York/Newark pipe shows?
  23. Iwan Ries September Sale
  24. Philly's Morley's PC 15Sept10 Wed
  25. Newark NJ Pipe Show 4Dec10
  26. Anybody else for Vegas?
  27. Philly's Morley's PC Tues 16Nov10
  28. Philly's Morley's Club Tuesday 14Dec
  29. KW SloSmoke tomorrow
  30. Philly's Morley's Pipe Club Thurs 20Jan
  31. Wed 16Feb11 Philly's Morley's PC meet
  32. NY Pipe Show at Newark Sat 12Mar11
  33. San Diego Pipe Club March Meeting this Thursday
  34. CPCC Pipemaking seminar
  35. San Diego Pipe Club April Meeting
  36. Philly's Morley's Pipe Club Thurs 21Apr11
  37. Chicago 2011
  38. Philly's Morley's Pipe Club 19May11 Thursday 7:00pm
  39. San Diego Pipe Club June Meeting
  40. Philly's Morley's Pipe Club Wednesday June15 7:00PM
  41. Philly's Morley's PC July20 Wednesday 7:00pm
  42. Philly's Morley's PC Wednesday 17Aug 7:00pm
  43. Philly's Morley PC Wednesday 21Sept2011 7:00pm
  44. Allentown PA Pipe Event 21-23Oct11
  45. Philly's Morley's PC Wednesday 26Oct 7:00pm
  46. Report on October Morley's
  47. Philly's Morley's PC Thursday 10Nov11 7:00pm
  48. 2011 Holiday Event @ Kaywoodie Factory
  49. Philly's Morley's PC Wednesday 21Dec 7:00pm