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  1. This happen here in Tulsa
  2. Here are some things you should think about if you are a pipe smoker
  3. Eating Our Way Into the Grave
  4. Can You Imagine...
  5. Couple Accused of Assault Using Cheetos
  6. Dulling Out the Internet
  7. Montan Tech to go Tobacco-Less
  8. We are all in the same boat
  9. The Ant and the Grasshopper
  10. Safety People Have Taken Over the World
  11. Oh Boy, Remember the days when good handwriting was a plus?
  12. Beat the Medical Monopoly
  13. A Thank You and an Offer
  14. A Simpler Day & Age
  15. Bread Kills!
  16. Students left scarred
  17. Where was Moses...
  18. Clown Shoes
  19. Note from an Etalier
  20. What Are we Doing To the Old
  21. Is Pipe Smoking Going The Way Of The Dinosaur?
  22. The Latest Ration Of New Laws & Regulations
  23. Criminalizing Tobbaco
  24. BBC - Giving up smoking 'raises diabetes risk'
  25. Canada: No smoking in cars?
  26. Interfering Swine!
  27. Will The Human Race Be Smart Enough To survive
  28. Archive Footage for History Buffs
  29. an expose' of the "third-hand smoke menace"
  30. the RYO problem and the "big picture"
  31. For Les and Jim
  32. Here's a good one.
  33. Socialising
  34. Why Bother?
  35. It's come to this...
  36. A Very Good Read..
  37. Ban on soda in San Francisco!
  38. Lest We Forget
  39. Have We Actually Gone This Far
  40. It's Bribes Now
  41. Famous Smoking Chimpanzee Dies At 52
  42. Happy Meal resists decomposition for six months
  43. New Zealand To Go Totally "No Smoking"...
  44. another ban in melbourne
  45. Tobacco-loving Serbs face smoking ban
  46. Smoking Will Make You Deaf
  47. Good Dogs & Bad Dogs
  48. The Latest Surgeon General's Balderdash
  49. The UN Weighs Into The 'Anti' Crowd...
  50. And you thought second hand smoke was dangerous...
  51. Look at this settlement!
  52. Mexican Citizens Fighting Back
  53. Life Expectancy Rate DECLINES
  54. Here is one to ponder for legality
  55. The Allen Hunt Show......
  56. Tired?
  57. Toilet Paper Tax
  58. Now..... Ban Leaf Blowers !
  59. March Sadness
  60. A Small Protest
  61. Coming to a store near you!
  62. 4th of July causes global climate change!
  63. Text message smoker's intervention
  64. Albert Brown, Survivor of Bataan Death March, Dies at 105
  65. "The Dog Ban" satire by Joe Jackson