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  1. Hobbies

    I have a few hobbies which keep me busy. They are the following: Fly Tying, Fly fishing, archery, pipe smoking and finally pipe carving.

    My PB Brown trout for 2010.

    A fly I've tied, a Mudeye.

    My new bow, a Maitland Zeus.

  2. About me.

    My name is Gig, I'm 50 years of age, recently became single and have two beautiful children, one 12 year old boy and a 16 year old girl. I'm an Aussie and live in the state of New South Wales right in the middle, between Sydney and Melbourne, a 5 hr trip in either direction. In the largest inland country town of Australia called Wagga Wagga, meaning "A place of many grows" in the local indiginous language. ...