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  1. Clown Shoes

    I'm no fashion expert by any means, and I'd be the first to admit I don't know how to dress myself. However, even I know better than to don a pair of clown shoes and pretend like it's cool.

    What's with this new trend of guys (mostly nattily dressed), who wear shoes with the toe about 3-4 inches longer than their foot, with a squared off front? They're CLOWN shoes, for crying out loud.

    I thought the height of male fashion goofiness was the just-plain-stupid looking ...
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  2. Bah blah blah

    A little about me to start off, so you might all know who I am and what I'm about, then I can get on to the 'interesting' blogs that I have been thinking about writing.

    My name is John Whitehouse and I reside in Toronto Canada. I am a divorced father who spends almost half of my time with my two girls. One is a young teenager, the other is almost there, so needless to say the estrogen and hormones in my hose make me stressed most of the time. They are great kids however, that is ...
  3. A little (Lot actually) about myself!

    Name: Steve
    Location: Mid-Eastern Missouri
    Age: Soon to be The Big 5-0

    I first got started into the hobby of pipes back around Christmas of 2004. As I had never been a smoker, it was a big surprise to my entire family and also to most of my friends. What peaked my interest is that I had always watched my buddy smoking a pipe as he casually floated down the rivers around here. He looked so relaxed and content and it got me interested.
    I asked him about smoking ...
  4. The New Sidebars...

    The newest major site upgrade/improvement to our site is the sidebars everyone should now see when visiting here.

    The object is to make visiting this site comparable to walking into a good/traditional smoke shop with the decorum they always have had. The history, culture, art, and role that pipe smoking & tobacco in general has played in our civilization as it has evolved today.

    Each visit to the site should provide the visitor with a rich visual reminder of that fact.

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  5. How did it all start?

    Well that's kinda hard to say with any certainty. With me it all started when I came home from Vietnam in 69. Like many other Vets we came home to a not so greatful nation. Vets now come home in their uniforms, not so with many Vets coming home from Vietnam, they had us quickly change into civilian clothes and processed us out of the service as fast as they could. Now that I was a civilian again I had to learn to adjust, speaking for myself I really don't think that ever really happen. I found ...
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