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Bob Loblaw

Clown Shoes

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I'm no fashion expert by any means, and I'd be the first to admit I don't know how to dress myself. However, even I know better than to don a pair of clown shoes and pretend like it's cool.

What's with this new trend of guys (mostly nattily dressed), who wear shoes with the toe about 3-4 inches longer than their foot, with a squared off front? They're CLOWN shoes, for crying out loud.

I thought the height of male fashion goofiness was the just-plain-stupid looking hairdo where they gel all their hair to come up to a point at the centre of their heads, so they look like roosters. But no, someone out there figures men don't look stupid enough, and gave them these moronic looking clown shoes.

The fact that people are wearing them is just too much for me to stand silently any longer.
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  1. DaveInPhilly's Avatar
    I'm with you 100%, I hate over-sized square towed shoes, but it seems like that's what the market demands now-a-days. Its becoming harder and harder to find traditional cap toed oxfords for less than $350 bucks. All the the lower end shoes seem to be big clunky clown shoes.