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I have a few hobbies which keep me busy. They are the following: Fly Tying, Fly fishing, archery, pipe smoking and finally pipe carving.

My PB Brown trout for 2010.

A fly I've tied, a Mudeye.

My new bow, a Maitland Zeus.

A pipe which i have carved.



  1. Bob G's Avatar
    Wow, Gig, you don't mess around and do anything halfway with your hobbies, do you? That is one awesome-looking archery rig you have there. What all do you use it for? Besides target shooting, of course, how about hunting & fishing?

    BTW, how does that pipe you made smoke? It's sure a plenty good-looker. Great job there.

    Updated 01-27-2011 at 01:46 AM by Bob G
  2. Gig's Avatar
    Hi Bob,

    I havent bloodied the bow yet but I will be soon. I'm taking my son out for some bunny hunting, he has his own bow I bought him for Christmas. We need some rabbits for the freezer as mum makes a wicked rabbit stew with bacon, olives, mushrooms in a red wine sauce over a bed of fluffy white rice. It's awesome mate and with a glass or two of red wine I'm in heaven.
  3. ozark southpaw's Avatar
    I know nothing about bows but that thing has a futuristic,sci-fi look to it,like something Arnold would use to kill the Terminator!

    BTW-very nice pipe!!