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The Beginning

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For 10yrs, starting in the mid 70's to 1984 I lived the life of a criminal. Looking back on those years I'm glad I never really hurt anyone physically. My love for easy money kept me always looking for a bigger score. I've pretty much have done it all. Blackmail, armed robberies, narcotics, Fraud, hanging funny money(counterfitting) stolen art & antiques. I went through money like it grew in my backyard and never seemed to have enough. In many cases I worked alone, this way I didn't have to worry about snitches. However, there were some jobs that I needed some help on. That was my downfall, cause in the fall of Nov 4th 1984 I was caught and convicted of Armed Robbery & running 2 police roadblocks and shooting at a police helicopter. I was sentenced to 20yrs in prison, my partner received a sentence of 350yrs...


  1. Bob G's Avatar
    I've heard bits of this story before, but I'm still shocked to learn that our resident mild-mannered expert on fine collectible pipes and most fine tobacco blends has such a checkered past. You didn't really start at what I was most curious about. How you went from being a reasonably distinguished & honorable military vet from the Vietnam War to this life of criminality. What were the circumstances that brought about that twist in the road? That was the part of the story I was most curious about.

    I know that I was tempted at times, but surely for different reasons....
  2. Dave's Avatar
    I think we all have been in the position at one time or another where we considered an activity that could send us to prison

    When we are younger we do things that truly surprise us as we get older
  3. Lone Star's Avatar
    Sounds a bit like my brothers stories, though he was mainly in collections, and I don't recall him actually shooting at the helicopter when the bank job went bad.
  4. Lone Star's Avatar
    You have a way of making a fascinating story even more riveting.
    I keep checking for more.