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Thread: Pipe Cleaning

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    Question Pipe Cleaning

    How often do you all throughly clean your pipes? I'm not talking about routine daily cleaning or cleaning after each smoke. I'm refering to the breakdown of the pipe and the use of a chemical to throughly clean the stem and shank.

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    Never, becuase I throughly clean each of my pipes after every smoke. I use pipe cleaners dipped in Pipemaster's Clean & Cure on the stem/bit, the tendon, shank, and the inside of the bowl. I also dry-ream using a wadded-up paper towel, to keep cake paper thin. Doing this keeps every one of my pipes fresh and clean, since tobacco tastes better in clean pipes.
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    I generally use two pipes a day and smoke 8-10 bowls in each. I give them a thorough cleaning the next morning while having my first cup of coffee. I use Isopropyl alcohol,pipe cleaners,shank brush,Q-tips.


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    I should have mentioned this when I started this thread, but I smoke about 10 bowls a day, 2 bowls from each of 5 pipes. I then run a pipe cleaner thru each pipe after each smoke and bend the cleaner and rub out the bowl to dry it and prevent alot of cake buildup. I then rest the 5 pipes for 2 or 3 days while I start on my next rotaton of 5 pipes. I have 60 pipes so resting the pipes is no problem. With that said, should I do a complete cleaning every month or say every other month? I really don't want to do a complete breakdown cleaning after each smoke because frankly, with smoking only burley tobacco, I feel it is not needed.

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    Given the options of 1 or 2 months, I'd go with 1 month. That said, I'd be ready to clean them at the first sign or any change in flavor in a blend. Tobacco costs too much to smoke in a dirty pipe.
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    Since my re-entry to pipe smoking in Jan 2008 I've acquired about 50 pipes. Mostly from eBay in all sorts of conditions, use, abuse, etc. I cleaned most of the well-smoked estate pipes with salt-alcohol treatment, good reaming, scrubbing, polish/cleaning, etc.

    Since then I usually smoke about 3-5 bowls through 2 pipes on daily basis. I scrupulously clean the shank and stem airways with a dry pipe cleaner after every smoke. Occasionally I will use a bristle pipe cleaner with Isopropyl alcohol through the shank to remove possible build-up, blockages, or similar restrictions to the openess of the airway. This doesn't seem to need to be done, but perhaps every 6 months or so, to my pipes.

    Good diligent routine cleaning after each smoke seems to make serious scrub-cleaning perhaps an annual chore for me these days.

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    I don't take count of bowls per day. I give a pipe a dry cleaning after each bowl smoked. By the end of a week, there are usually about 10-12 pipes smoked over the week here, which reside in a tray. Most weekends then, I sit down with those and give each of them a good wet cleaning with Everclear. Simple.
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    I clean the pipes i smoke about every other time, I only do a total cleaning & break down about once a year or if i should decide to sell them.
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    I have a blockage that won't budge. Pipe cleaners just bend and do nothing. Suggestions?

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