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Thread: Falcon, the perfect pipe for Aros?

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    Default Falcon, the perfect pipe for Aros?

    As my tastes change I have come to prefer Enlgish blends like Peterson's Old Dublin, Squadron Leader above all else. However, I smoke my fair share of VA and VAPer and I am recently starting to develop a taste for Burleys. I have also recently developed a taste for certain aromatics...I know...I'm sorry, but I have.

    I know that most Aros have a reputation for smoking wet and goopy because of the heavy casing. Yesterday as I was dealing with the aftermath of Irene I found myself in the basement with my falcon and some 1Q and I have to say it seems like this pipe was designed for this very purpose. As the pipe got a little wet I just unscrewed the bowl, wiped it out with a paper towel and screwed in right back in. Can't get much easier than that. I also found that doing this allowed the pipe to smoke much cooler than it would otherwise.

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    Falcons can handle pretty much any tobacco. I always smoke aromatics in a meer lined Falcon Classic Hyperbole and corn cobs. I prefer the cobs for aromatics though. Don't ask me why, the aromatics just taste better in cobs for some reason.

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    Falcons can handle pretty much any tobacco.

    Ray is definately right there! I dont smoke aromatics, but am sure they would do fine in any Falcon, as noted, since the bowl cup traps a lot of the moisture out of any blend.
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    Up until now I have always smoked the few aromatics that I have in my cob. I decided to give the Falcon a try because I couldn't quite get the taste of whatever the previous owner smoked out of it. And I'm happy I did. I'm thinking about getting a couple of the bigger bowls and featuring the Falcon more prominently in my rotation.

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