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Thread: Winter 2012

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    My first smoke of the year was 2005 Nightcap in a Peterson 999 Walnut Sipgot


    Bob Loblaw or Blah, blah, blah

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    season has no influence on my choices--with me it's burley based stuff all year--occasionally (very occasionally) i feel the need for something else--it usually lasts about one bowl full, and then back to my burley--

    can you say "in a rut"? OR more to my thinking, "on the correct path"<<grin>>

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    McC mature virginia #24 in a grabow continental
    big n burley in a grabow regal bent

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    I smoke the same things year round. I smoke inside my home, and wherever I go. Have never understood the temp/tobacco change relationship.

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    Started out this morning smoking some Altadis Virginia Slices in a Grabow Freehand that was DGTed from last night. I found the nicotine level to be much higher then when smoked fresh last night.

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    Bosun Cut Plug in a Pete Bulldog. Trying to figure out this whole Lakeland thing.

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