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Thread: Ea Carey's Special Bruno Blend

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    Default Ea Carey's Special Bruno Blend

    I received this blend from a user elsewhere, and was wondering what, if any thoughts you guys had on the matter. I, for one find it to be repulsive and would like it removed from my collection of smoking collection! This may not be the proper place, but trades will be considered!
    "Don't half-ass two things; whole-ass one thing" - Ron Swanson

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    Never tried it. I do like their pipes.
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    I was supposed to give it to a member of another site, but they went out before I could get the address. Now I am stuck with it, and I do not like it. Maybe I can cut it with something?
    "Don't half-ass two things; whole-ass one thing" - Ron Swanson

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    There are a couple of blends I have scattered in the same manner as Grandpa's ashes. I feel no shame in doing so.

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    Hmm. Is it anything like St. Bruno slices (which is no longer imported)? I used to like that.

    The only thing I have actually flushed in distaste was Mixture 79 (and some people claim to like it). A couple years ago I tried Germain's Mixture No. 7 which hit me with a horrible soapy taste a few mins. after lighting. I sent it on to a fellow piper who (it seems) will smoke anything.

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    I enjoy M79. This stuff, is icky. Maybe because it is so dry?
    "Don't half-ass two things; whole-ass one thing" - Ron Swanson

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