It's that time of the month again! Actually, May being a long month, and giving time for the Chicago attendees to recover, instead of our usual 3rd Wednesday, the meeting will be next week. At the Pen & Pencil Club on 1522 Latimer St. Remember parking next door is $11, much less than the usual downtown rates.

Visitors are welcome too to enjoy the hot meals (best value in downtown Philly), drinks and of course the variety of blends the members bring. We have been having a goodly percentage of new members and guests, some from other states.

Weather is going to continue to be delightful - in the 70s, making the stroll to Holt's Cigars 2 blocks away will be especially pleasant. Unfortunately, LeeL who would usually greet us at Holt's, passed away a few weeks ago, so we will raise a bowl or several to his memory.