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Thread: What's A 'Bear Pit'?

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    Default What's A 'Bear Pit'?

    "The Bear Pit" was the place where I went to learn hand-to-hand fighting combat techniques as a young Ranger School student. A rugged place it was, too. It didn't make any difference whether you were a "Summer Ranger" student under the hot, blazing, Georgia sun, or a "Winter Ranger" student when the hawk was always out and the cold winds were unrelenting.

    The Bear Pit was an unforgiving place where 100-200 Ranger students were placed in a 75 foot diameter circular 'sandbox' ringed by a 2 foot cinder-block wall. Once inside none could leave until ordered to do so. While inside the pit the training was simple; to beat the living daylights out of each other while learning combative techniques that could keep you alive on dangerous Ranger missions after graduation.

    Your primary "practice dummy" was your very own Ranger-Buddy whom you had to depend on to help you get through all of the other training. Naturally you were also his 'practice dummy', when the whistle blew to 'switch', too.

    If you were not sufficiently realistic or violent enough with your partner, an instructor would come up and make you do remedial practice at beating each other up. This was a daily routine everyday for two weeks, seven days a week without letup.

    When the daily Bear Pit training was over, you and your Ranger Buddy went back to working as a close two-man team to accomplish the rest of the day's challenging training. After all, close teamwork and comradry was the overall mission of the training.
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