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Thread: The Moral Of The Story

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    Default The Moral Of The Story

    The purpose of the Bear Pit was where we went to punch, kick, bite and otherwise flail the daylights out of each other. But we walked away buddies when we left. Off to see, learn and accomplish new things together.

    That's why it's provided here for the use of all members. You can discuss anything here. Political, social, forum-beefs, vent about anything that chaps your hide. There are no rules here except one. You can kick, bite, punch and knock each other out here figuratively. Debate, argue or downright scream at each other.

    The only rule is that all arguments & disagreements that take place here STAYS here. Do not take grudges or ill-will back to the forum. Get it all out of your system before leaving.

    Those who do not heed this rule may find themselves stuck in the Bear Pit for a week or two for remedial 'behavior modification' to think about the merits of courteous conduct in a free & open forum.

    Ranger Bob
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    COOL...I like.

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    Nice idea, Bob.

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    Great idea!

    Bob Loblaw or Blah, blah, blah

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