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Thread: Rearranged my shop.

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    Not too much in the way of changes or additions to my shop. I have set up an older computer down there so I have one close as I trying to learn how to use the lathe.

    That new shop sounds good. Give you more room to work,which is what I need!! I don't envy you moving though! Would rather take a beating!

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    Yep, moving can be a real pain, but I'll get it done and am actually looking forward to it. But at the same time, I'll be very glad when it's done too.

    I like your idea of the buffers on the TV stand, that is a space saver for sure.

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    Yep.it's handy that way. I have my main work bench-finishing table- set at 30" (above floor) and use an office type chair when working there. It's real easy to just roll over to the buffers and back again. Gettin' lazy in my old age!!

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